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Ultralight / Sports Pilot Training Courses

Training ExpensesRs. 12,500Rs. 315,000Rs. 575,000Rs. 825,000
 CAA License None MCC – Solo Rating MCC – Passenger Rating MCC – Instructor Rating
 KGC Membership Included – Bronze Bronze Bronze
Course DurationN/A01 month03 months06 months
Medical Fitness RequiredN/AClass-II or IIIClass-II or IIIClass-II or III
Theory & InfoN/ABasicIntermediateAdvance
Ground SchoolingN/AAdvanceAdvanceAdvance
Flight Hours (w Instructor)30 mins555
Flight Hours (Solo)113575
Free Flight Hours per Year2.557.5
Additional Flight HoursRs. 20,000 / hrRs. 15,000 / hrRs. 12,500 / hrRs. 10,000 / hr
Cross Country Flights35-77-10
In Flight Comm
Training Manuals
Course Certificate
KGC Flying Badge
KGC Flying Tee
Ultralight Aircraft Purchase Discount5%7%10%

* All courses require at least a Class-II or Class-III medical fitness from CAA.
Please visit Aero Medical branch at your local CAA office to get a Class-II or Class-III medical fitness certificate
* All courses are learn-at-your-own-pace programs and initially you only require a max 3-5 days commitment to at least complete your initial 5 hours of dual training with instructor, rest you can continue with your remaining solo flights at your own convenience
* MCC with student rating can fly the aircraft but not without an instructor pilot
* MCC with solo rating can fly the aircraft alone without the supervision of an instructor
* MCC with passenger rating can fly the aircraft and also carry a passenger along with him/her
* MCC with instructor rating can act as an instructor pilot of the aircraft for endorsing MCC / sports pilot licenses for students (under the provisions of CAA & relevant ANOs)
* Holders of PPL/CPL/ATPL (with or without instructor rating) require at least 3 hours of dual training on sport/ultralight aircraft for getting their MCC
* Holders of CPL or ATPL (without instructor rating) require at least 25 hours on sport/ultralight aircraft to qualify for instructor rating on their MCC
* Holders of CPL or ATPL (with instructor rating) require at least 6 hours on sport/ultralight aircraft to qualify for instructor rating on their MCC
* Ultralight/Sports pilot training courses are available both in Lahore and Karachi with the patronage and collaboration of USFC (Ultralight & Sports Flying Club of Pakistan)

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HOW IT WORKS - Signup, Payment & Training Procedures
STEP 1 - SIGN UP: Sign up using the online form given on this page. We will send you some application forms and paperwork to fill & sign along with a list of required documents to process your application for membership of Karachi Gliding Club as well as Ultralight Sports Flying Club of Pakistan and issuance of your student pilot license from CAA Pakistan.

STEP 2 - GET MEDICAL FITNESS: Visit the Aero Medical branch of your local CAA office to obtain at least a Class-II or Class-III medical fitness certificate and a police clearance / character certificate for local use from your town's police station. We'll guide you through this process step-by-step.

STEP 3 - PAY INITIALS: Submit your initial payment of Rs. 75,000 to cover your membership fee + ground schooling & issuance of CAA approved syllabus + club promotional items such as cap / tee / flight badge / nametag e.t.c. Balance payment can be made either in full at the time of commencement of training program or in installments. We'll contact you to discuss your payment plan. Refer to bank details given at the end of this page.

STEP 4 - START TRAINING: All our training programs are learn at your own pace programs and are conducted in Lahore and Karachi under the direct supervision of Ultralight Sports Flying Club (USFC) depending upon the availability of instructors. Your flights can be completed either in Lahore or in Karachi. Contact us to discuss & finalize your preferred schedule.

STEP 5 - GET SPL: Upon finalizing your schedule, you can start your training program accordingly. You shall be given your Student Pilot License initially.

STEP 6 - GIVE FINAL CHECK: Upon completing required flight hours respective to the training program you opted for, you'll be required to give a flight check to your instructor pilot and upon clearance of flight check, your case will be forwarded to CAA for issuance of your sports pilot license pursuant to your course with solo, passenger or instructor rating respectively.

STEP 7 - CONTINUE TO FLY: Once you have earned your wings, you can decide to fly with us occasionally as a hobby, or you can also decide to purchase your own ultralight or sports aircraft. There are many ultralight / sports aircraft that cost under Rs. 5 million (cost of a new SUV) and we shall provide you full assistance and discounts in purchasing and importing your own aircraft if you require. You may also avail our Group2Fly program to pool in with some members to group buy your favorite aircraft at dirt cheap prices. We're also working with some banks to allow leasing of such sports flying vehicles to further spread ultralight & sports flying in Pakistan.


Club Membership FeeRs. 25,000
Ground Schooling + CAA Paperwork / ProcessingRs. 50,000
Above Two Amounts (Rs. 75,000) to be Paid Initially / Upfront
For Basic Sports Pilot License Course, 16 Hrs @ Rs. 15,000 per hrRs. 240,000
Total Training Cost for Basic CourseRs. 315,000
For Novice Sports Pilot License Course, 40 Hrs @ Rs. 12,500 per hrRs. 500,000
Total Training Cost for Novice CourseRs. 575,000
For Advance Sports Pilot License Course, 75 Hrs @ Rs. 10,000 per hrRs. 750,000
Total Training Cost for Advance CourseRs. 825,000
Basic Course For PPL/CPL/ATPL Holders, 3 Hrs @ Rs. 10,000 per hrRs. 30,000
Total Training Cost for PPL/CPL/ATPL HoldersRs. 105,000
Instructor Rating For PPL/CPL/ATPL Holders, 25 Hrs @ Rs. 10,000 per hrRs. 250,000
Total Training Cost for PPL/CPL/ATPL HoldersRs. 325,000
Instructor Rating For CPL/ATPL Holders with Instructor Rating, 6 Hrs @ Rs. 10,000 per hrRs. 60,000
Total Training Cost for CPL/ATPL Holders with Instructor RatingRs. 135,000
Above Amounts to be Paid in Full or in Installments

Bank Name: Habib Bank Ltd
Account Title: Karachi Gliding Club
Account #: 1220-79003635-03
Branch: PECHS Commercial Area Branch, Karachi

Note: Payments can be done via online bank transfer or cash deposit at any HBL branch in Pakistan. Once you've made your payment, please call 0313-2008969 or email fly@karachiglidingclub.com to get payment confirmation. Thanks!