Become a KGC Sponsor

As a brand manager, you must always look for opportunities to align your brand with – that can help portray not just a positive but a very specific image of your brand in your consumer’s minds.

Think RED BULL for example. The very word triggers images of all kinds of adventures, daring activities and a feeling of adrenaline in you.

But we’re one-step ahead of it. KGC not only involves in activities that are all about adrenaline and extreme sports, but we also have a strong appreciation for serenity and beauty of nature and celebration of diverse cultures existing in Pakistan at places where we fly or conduct other adventure activities.

Paragliding, paramotoring, air sports as well as other adventures that KGC has to offer, are real eye-candies not just for your target audiences to get their share of mind but our activities are also media & news worthy and can really help you grab prime spots on major media channels. Via our electronic, online & offline media partners that cover our adventures.

So, are you looking to associate your brand with any of these feelings: adventure lifestyle, happiness, adrenaline, serenity, beauty of nature, celebration of diverse cultures – while also capturing a major share in the popular electronic, online & offline media channels?

If so, then feel free to drop us a line about your requirements and your budget and let us suggest you some really creative ideas on how you can use one or more of our skills & resources to achieve your brand goals.

Some Ideas for Sponsorship

  • Sponsor a Wing and/or a Paragliding Site
  • Let us Do some Demo Flights on your Events (Opening/Closing)
  • A Light Sport Aircraft Airshow
  • A Paragliding/Paramotoring Expedition Across Exotic Places
  • A Documentary or Film involving Adventures, Flying, Cultures, Places e.t.c.
  • Newsworthy & Viral PR Stunts
  • And much more…

Benefits to Your Brand

  • Possibly the Best Alternate Channel to Attract your Audience
  • Good Share of Mind via Strong Association with your Desired Feelings
  • Free Coverage & Viral Reach in Electronic & Social Media
  • Raving Fans & Advocates for your Brand

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