Unique Applications for Multiple Industries


Possible Applications: Troops Deployment, Reconnaissance, Border Patrol, Search & Rescue, Policing, Crime Control

In some armies, powered paragliding is used to insert special forces soldiers into specific areas. The Lebanese Airborne Regiment adopted this technique in 2008. Other possible applications of paramotoring / powered paragliders include carrying out reconnaissance missions, border patrolling, search and rescue missions, policing & crime control and/or relief operations.

Powered hang gliders / microlight gliders can also be used for much more effective patrolling and relief operations. The possibilities are endless. The best part is, that powered paragliders / paramotors and microlights are relatively inexpensive to acquire, easy to maintain with low maintenance costs, quickly launched from unconventional terrains and keep the operational costs low. Possible applications could be for Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Anti Narcotics Force, Rangers / Border Security Force, Marine Security Agency, Special Services & Marine Corps.


Possible Applications: News Coverage, Aerial Photography & Video Making, Aerial Billboards, Brochures & Flyers Dropping, Product Sampling

There’s no better place to view what’s happening on earth than from the sky. Chartering a helicopter or a small plane for aerial news / event coverage, photography or video / documentary making can be quite an expensive and daunting task. Thanks to the new technology of tendem trikes that can be used with powered paragliders as well as hang gliders to provide a full 360 degree view of the area you want to cover.

Brands and corporations can use paragliders and paramotors as well as hang gliders or microlights for aerial advertising. You can sponsor a wing with your logo printed on it. And every time it gets flown, it gets noticed. Perhaps a unique way to advertise your brand – a live, moving and flying billboard that your audience cannot ignore. Another application is product sampling / brochure & flyer distribution. You can hand us over your brochures, define a drop zone and we can drop them where you want.


Possible Applications: Aerial Advertising, Brand Activation / Demo Flights, Events / Airshows / Competitions, Sponsorships & TV Ads

Paragliding and related airsports are a real eye-candy for your audience. Especially for the brands targeting the young, energetic youth. It gives you a massive opportunity to cash on the unique marketing channel it naturally provides to engage with your audience on a totally different level.

Our offering for the brands and corporations include (but are not limited to) teambuilding through corporate adventures for your employees, adding paragliding/paramotoring or other air sports to your brand activation campaigns, aerial advertising i.e. dropping brochures from the sky, branding the wing with your logo as an aerial bill board, sponsorship opportunities on our flying sites and grand impressions on social media, documentary / short video or ad making, strategic partnerships and much more..


Possible Applications: Extracurricular / Recreational Adventure Sports Activity, University Adventure Tours, Student Motivation & Leadership, Aviation Principles

Flying is not just a sport. Its a complete way of life. It teaches you many things. It introduces you to nature and the prime forces of gravity, air, earth and lets you experience these first hand. It changes perspective on life. There cannot be a better extracurricular / positive recreational activity for your students than flying.

Perhaps you can arrange a paragliding / paramotoring activity for your students and not only do we teach them on how to handle the wing but we also help foster in them the true spirit of airmanship. There cannot be any better motivational, enriching and leadership inducing experience for your students than through the spirit of adventure. Flying will take your students/staff to places, few eyes have seen and our variety of other adventures will truly enrich them!

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