Raket R-120 Aero Paramotor (Used)

650,000.00 400,000.00

World renowned Swedish paramotor, Raket 120 Aero, 40 hours used, excellent condition, available for immediate sale. Good for pilot weights upto 85 kgs. Available for inspection in Karachi.


Radne Raket 120 Aero is a Swedish brand and world famous choice of paramotor pilots specially among the beginner pilots due to its light weight, easy handling, excellent fuel consumption and durability.

The engine is hardly used, 40 hours almost, with its TBO being 400 hours. Carries upto 85 Kg of pilot weight. So there’s plenty of life in the engine before its next overhaul. If you’re new to the world of paramotoring, we can also arrange training for you at affordable price.

We’re selling this because we’re switching to higher ultralight aircrafts and advance machines. The excellent paramotor is a bargain at this price. Priced for quick sale.

Group2Fly Option – If you are on a tight budget, you can group 3-4 friends and group buy this wonderful paramotor and distribute the flyable time proportionately amongst yourself. So if a group of 4, the paramotor will only cost you Rs. 100,000 per group member! Flying couldn’t get more affordable than this!



Additional information

Weight25 kg

Pilot Weight


Located In


Horse Power


Approx Thrust

Start Method

Fuel Tank



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