Have Something Unique to Offer? Lets Partner!

At KGC, we seldom believe in competition as such. For it brings the best in products but worst in people and interactions. Rather, we’re big advocates of win-win partnerships.

Specially for adventure sports companies & individuals – the places where we fly, naturally present us with countless opportunities of variety of adventure activities that can be carried out there. Generally, the youth who fly with us, are also interested in a variety of other adventures too. And we can help you connect with this adventure hungry audience.

Karachi Gliding Club’s mission is to inject a spirit of adventure in our youth, by promoting adventure sports, air sports in particular. In addition to teaching people how to fly, we also work passionately promoting our local tourism and highlighting hidden paradises in Pakistan as well as help communities where we fly.

So, do you also have a mission on the same lines? You could be anybody but if you think your mission aligns with ours in any way, then we’ll be more than happy to hear your ideas.

Who Can Partner with Us?

  • Adventure Sports Experts (Individuals & Clubs)
  • Flying Training Organizations & Clubs
  • Government/Military Organizations
  • NGOs & Corporations
  • Media Persons and Channels
  • Celebrities and Public Figures
  • Media Production Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Event Organizers
  • Virtually Anyone who Can Work with us to Enhance our Vision Together

The Possibilities

There is no single characteristic that makes up an ideal strategic alliance. We can work together with enthusiasm, drive, and, of course, plenty of creativity to provide a worthwhile experience to whoever we target.

So drop us a line about your ideas by filling in the form on this page and lets get in touch 🙂