Though I have traveled to many cities and countries alone and with travel groups. But for me travelling without any group is more fascinating. The reason is that you can go where ever you want to. When you use your your own brain or Google Maps instead 😉 which makes you feel special from the inside. You are a leader in your own little crowd.

So, for the long weekend of Labor Day, my family and I decided to go to Ormara. We were 6 people, so we booked a house. Thanks to my dad who booked our lodging at Jinnah Naval Base. Civilians are not allowed in the base if they don’t have connections there.

So we started our journey at 04:30 hours. The journey from Karachi to Ormara is 350 Km approximately. We didnt’t stop anywhere for breakfast. Just took a 15 minute break at Winder.

Let me tell you how Balochistan works. I have heard people saying that the tour agencies do not have any facility when they are travelling to Balochistan. But it is not the fault of Tour agencies, it is how Balochistan is. Tourists were around zero a few years ago. Only the customers were Truck drivers or the people of that area, so you can mainly understand how the facilities are supposed to be like.

Any how, we reached Ormara at 10:00 hours, taking us 5 and a half hours.

Here is a picture of Makran Coastal Highway:

Princess of Hope:

Princess of Hope: Photo Courtesy:

Disclaimer: I have seen Princess of Hope so many times, so I didn’t have any energy to take another picture of it 🙂

After reaching Ormara, we had rest for a while, had our breakfast. After a long time had a beautiful conversation with family members. We had Omelette, Paratha and Tea for Breakfast. Then we ordered Biryani, Raita, Juices and Drinks for Lunch. Naval Base’s Mess food was amazing.  Clean and tasty at the same time. Hard to find such things in Balochistan.

A glimpse of where we stayed at JNB:

It was so hot in the afternoon, we couldn’t go outside. But we went up to the Hammerhead, better known as PNS Ahsan, after Asr. O EMM GEEE….. The view was breath taking. It took all my worries away. The clouds were touching the mountain. What better could it be.

This is Benazir Point. This was inaugurated by Former Turkish Prime Minister Bulunt Ulusu.

We had evening tea and headed back for dinner. For dinner we ordered Karahi, Roti and Drinks. Then we had a little stroll outside the house and headed for good nights sleep.

Next day we had scheduled for swimming. So we went to Ormara’s beach, and we were surprised to see so many people from Karachi. There were so many buses, people, and loud music everywhere. People were playing cricket, there was food being prepared. I was surprised to see people travelling so far away just enjoy a beautiful beach.

So, we enjoyed the beautiful Sea Side of Ormara. I think pictures are not doing justice of the beauty that is to be seen by the naked eye.

Then we had White Karahi, Sabzi, Omelettes and Tea in Brunch and left for Karachi.

Before reaching Karachi,  we touched  Mud Volcanos. There was Hindu Festival going on and we saw so may Hindus throwing Coconut in Mud Volcanos. Not sure what this means to them, but we should surely respect what their traditions are.

So after travelling for so long we started off our journey for Karachi, and Oh my God we saw the worst sand storm ever. It was so dusty that we had to turn on our headlights in afternoon. Visibility was almost 100 Meters. Anyhow, when we entered Karachi, we headed into the worst traffic. It was fully packed every where. Later we found out that due to long weekend, everyone was out for beach activities. Hawkbay, SandSpit were crowded like ants… God. And at that time people were leaving for their homes.

So we took help from our Google Map and came back via Orangi, Banaras Bazar. But Thank God we reached back home. It took us an extra 3 hours to reach home but the trip was totally worth it 🙂



Sara Talal
Sara Talal
Sara is a marketing & adventure travel enthusiast and a pet lover (mother of 6 cats). A graduate from Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey, she's currently heading sales & marketing at Karachi Gliding Club. She writes passionately about her experiences as an avid explorer.

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