Whether you are into Paragliding, Paramotoring, Hang Gliding or any other form of aviation – weather plays a key role in your day to day operations. In fact, all pilots around the globe rate weather as the no. 1 variable that all flying activity depends upon. But for hobby pilots specifically in light sports aviation, affording all those mumbo jumbo tech gadgets can be an expensive deal. As the primitive man read weather – you can too. And to a much more accurate level, thanks to the advancement in science of meteorology. In fact, there’s a special charm being able to read nature a predict its behaviour. Not only it helps you make better flying decisions, it’s kinda cool. So here’s an infographic that shows you exactly how to read and forecast weather without any tech gadgets and do it like a pro…




Fly Boy
Fly Boy
Founder & CEO of Karachi Gliding Club. A Fly Boy and Adventure/Travel Enthusiast by Passion turned Profession.

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