Own & Fly Exotic Flying Machines

KGC’s Group 2 Fly is a revolutionary program which is a complete paradigm-shift as far as personal aviation is concerned. Conventional aviation has always been expensive and it always will be. But we at KGC went one-step ahead and played a vital role in removing financial barrier to entry into the hobby and sport of flying.

Introducing Group2Fly program! That will help pretty much anyone even with a tiny budget get access to & fly some of the most exotic flying machines available to fly in the world.

How it Works?

Our process is pretty simple and straight forward. KGC locks down on amazing national and international aircraft deals and invests in to purchase the aircraft. Once the deal is finalized and the paperwork started, KGC offers a limited no. of members either fractional ownership shares in the aircraft OR very limited lifetime memberships to fly that aircraft (subject to certain terms and conditions).

In most cases (other than fractional ownership), KGC retains and ownership and management rights of the aircraft, takes care of all the licensing, paperworks, hangerage, trainings, regular repairs & maintenance and CAA permissions e.t.c. While the members get to enjoy the flying experience at a fraction of the cost of singly owning an aircraft for personal transportation, sports & recreational purposes.

An Example Case: For instance if a light sport aircraft costs Rs. 6 million, KGC will purchase that aircraft and offer 5-6 lifetime flying memberships at around Rs. 500,000 each. This cost is comparable to pennies when getting lifetime access to fly an aircraft. This way flying an aircraft becomes cheaper than driving a car!

Group2Fly Deals Available on Following Aircraft