Have you ever dreamed of flying? Are you bored with your daily routine and looking to take up an adventure sport that is both safe & fun? Consider paragliding.

Its probably the best form of personal aviation and an multi-faced sport that involves adrenaline of extreme adventures, unparalleled safety of any normal activity and pushes all your physical and mental faculties.

So, if you’re considering taking up paragliding as a hobby or profession, you probably already know what it is. You know that you’re not going to be towed behind a boat or have a motor attached to your butt so you can fly.

You might have seen it done in videos or live – or maybe you were fortunate enough to enjoy a tandem flight somewhere. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It is possibly the closest you can get to feel like a bird and experience what birds do – like literally!

There is an incredibly amazing freedom, silence and feeling of serenity with this sport that you might not be able to experience with any other type of activity.

There are many benefits to paragliding, but if you’re still not convinced then you should know these top 5 reasons why this sport can change your life – or at least make it much more exciting than what it is now.

Reason 1: Affordable than Conventional Aviation

There’s always been a notion in the aviation industry that goes like:

Aviation is Hazardous to Wealth

But not anymore. You see, flying has been a dream of mankind ever since its evolution. There’s an unparalleled feeling of excitement and freedom that is attached to all forms of flying.

But most of us are unable to experience flying because of the high costs involved. Paragliding on the contrary, offers a much more affordable way to experience flying and not just experience it – but experience it to its best!

You can easily purchase a good-conditioned, used paraglider kit starting from $1500 or a brand new starting from $2500 and take it in the trunk of your car to wherever you go.

Everybody can fly from inside a glass cockpit with some propellers to drive them forward or engines strapped to their butts. But there are few, who can understand the subtle forces of nature like air and gravity and learn to play with them first-hand, using them for their advantage!

Reason 2: Safer than Other Extreme Sports

Yes, you will be in the air and you will have to learn about thermals & ridge lifts and how to use them to soar higher and higher, but when you land it’s a gentle glide where you decrease height little by little so you float to the ground rather than plunge. This, combined with what you’ll learn about the sport and controlling the paraglider, helps to make this one of the safest extreme sports out there. Its safest of all air sports.

Of course, any sport is only as safe as you make it and nothing can keep you safe like maintaining a respect of the sport and the necessary steps to stay safe. Once you’re up in the air, it’s up to you – so it’s essential that you have a great attitude and respect for what you are actually doing.

Reason 3: Environmentally Friendly

Paragliding is kind to the environment. You don’t use fuel and aren’t changing the landscape in any way, which means that you’re seeing what it’s like to be a bird – without having to use an engine or anything that might disrupt the peace.

Reason 4: Keeps you Physically & Mentally Fit

Well for me personally, I’ve always hated workout routines and running and exercising to stay fit. But when it comes to paragliding, its one of most extreme workouts – specially when you’re kiting with your wing, training on the ground. But its so much fun, you never feel like being monotonic, exhausted or bored.

Not just it burns calories and fat, it also gets your body in shape quicker than any workout routine out there. That’s been my personal experience! When you fly, you’ve to hike the mountains and ridges to find high take-off points, you’ve to kite your wing and so on, which makes it an extremely healthy physical workout in itself.

And did you know that flying involves your mental faculties and pushes all your senses to be present – more than any other activity in the world. When you fly, your mind is handling almost 7 mental tasks – simultaneously. That’s the highest amount of multitasking humans can do consciously. So flying in general lights up the areas of your brain, that have long been dark!

Reason 5: Takes You to Exotic Unseen Places

And last but not the least, paragliding comes hand in hand with a no. of other related activities. You travel to some of the most exotic places few eyes have ever seen. Nature’s paradises if you will. You explore mountains, you hike, you camp, you climb – so what more do you want out of an adventurous lifestyle?

What You Need to Know

There are many different reasons to consider paragliding, but you should also know that to embark on this or any kind of extreme sport without the proper training and safety gear can be very dangerous. Before you decide that you’re going to try paragliding, it is essential that you have the proper training.

There are professional paragliding schools that feature top of the line instructors to help you to learn everything you need to know about this new experience. You’ll learn about the thermals (air currents), how they work and how you can use them. You’ll also learn how to steer your paraglider and what equipment you need to get started.

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting way to shake your world up a little bit then paragliding might be just what you need.



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