Visit Hingol National Park - A Heaven on Earth

Join us on A Fantastic Road Trip as we Travel to Hingol National Park, one of the Most Beautiful Places to be found in Balochistan, containing the World Famous Mud Volcanoes, The Breathtakingly Beautiful Kund Malir Beach, Princess of Hope, Natural Sphinx and Temples of Hinglaj Mata, something of Religious Importance for Hindus all across Sub-Continent Region!

Hingol National Park is located along the Makran coastal region in southwestern Balochistan Province, in southwestern Pakistan. It is within sections of Lasbela District, Gwadar District, and Awaran District. The Gulf of Oman of the Arabian Sea is on the south. Karachi is approximately 190 kilometres (120 mi) to the southeast on the coast.

Hingol National Park contains a variety of topographical features and habitats, varying from arid subtropical forest in the north to arid mountain in the west. Large areas of the park are covered with drift sand and can be classified as coastal semi desert. The park includes the estuary of the Hingol River which supports a significant diversity of bird and fish species.

Some 250 plant species were recorded in the initial surveys including 7 yet undescribed species. Many more species are yet to be collected.

Hingol National Park is known to support at least 35 species of mammals, 65 species of amphibians and reptiles and 185 species of birds. The park forms an excellent habitat to wild Sindh Ibex, Afghan Urial and Chinkara Gazelle. Ibex is found in all steep mountain ranges and numerous in the Hinglaj and Rodani Kacho Mountain areas. Total population is estimated over 3000.

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