Visit Astola Island, The Hidden Gem of Balochistan

Astola Island, also known as Jezira Haft Talar (Satadip or 'Island of the Seven Hills', is a small uninhabited Pakistani island in the Arabian Sea approximately 25 km south of the nearest part of the coast. Astola is Pakistan's largest offshore island at approximately 6.7 km long with a maximum width of 2.3 km and an area of approximately 6.7 km. The highest point is 246 ft (75 m) above sea level. Administratively, the island is part of the Pasni subdistrict of Gwadar District in Balochistan province. The island can be accessed by motorized boats from Pasni, with a journey time of about 3-5 hours to reach the island.

Join us on this astounding journey through Coastal Highway where you will be sightseeing the beautiful beaches of Pakistan. Untouched and unheard, you will find the serenity soothing and unexpected. We will travel and see Hingol National Park, including Kund Malir Beach, Princess of Hope, Sphinx, Mud Volcanoes, Buzi Pass and never ending and mysterious rock formations. We will then pass by Ormara in between and reach Pasni city in around 7-8 hours.

From Pasni we'll take motorized boat(s) and finally voyage to the breathtaking Astola Island, where we reach in around 3-4 hours.

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PersonsStandardLuxuryDeluxeTransport Used
1 to 2Rs. 75,000Rs. 124,000Rs. 141,500Toyota Corolla
$ 850$ 1250$ 1450
3 to 4Rs. 24,500Rs. 44,500Rs. 49,500Toyota Corolla
$ 275$ 475$ 525
5 to 7Rs. 25,500Rs. 29,500Rs. 33,500Toyota Hiace
$ 285$ 325$ 375
8 to 12Rs. 18,500Rs. 21,500Rs. 23,500Toyota Hiace
$ 225$ 275$ 325
13 to 15Rs. 16,500Rs. 18,500Rs. 20,500Toyota Coaster
$ 195$ 250$ 275
16 to 20Rs. 14,500Rs. 16,500Rs. 17,500Toyota Coaster
$ 175$ 225$ 250

All pricing except for couple (1-2) persons is on per head basis.
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FoodOn 5+ Pax
Tour Guide On 5+ Pax
PhotographyOn 5+ Pax
Portable Washroom ✔
Live Cooks – ✔
Security GuardsRs. 6000 / day Rs. 6000 / day Rs. 6000 / day
Security EscortRs. 40,000 / dayRs. 40,000 / day Rs. 40,000 / day

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• Personal weapons/drugs are strictly prohibited.