If you are in Turkey, and you haven’t visited Cappadocia yet, then you need to change your plans right now! And those who are planning to visit Cappadocia, they need to know, it’s a place worth visiting.

Well, my journey started from Ankara in October 2015, when the winter was about to start. We had 2 Republic Day holidays and a weekend, so we packed our bags and headed out for our new adventures.

Firstly, from Ankara to Cappadocia, it takes 5 hours to reach, without big stops. En route our travel destination, we visited Tuz Gölü, which literally means Salt Lake. The lake is actually salt; you can feel the salt under your feet. The locals say that the salt is like a natural massage for your body. You would want to extra warm clothing for this place as it was extremely chilly even in October.


Our next stop was Nevşehir, which is located at a distance of 290 km (180 mi) from the capital Ankara, and is within the historical region of Cappadocia. Our group of 96 ERASMUS people was super hungry, so we headed out for cave restaurant to have our lunch. Have a look at it.


We then headed out to our 5 star hotel named Suhan at the heart of the city, had some rest and then went for Turkish night in the evening. Turkish night was filled with local dances, bon fire and fun. That food though…ahhh!!!


So, we headed back to our hotel, because some of us had to do the ballooning early morning. The balloons take off early morning before sun rise and give you a ride for an hour. It can fill up to 15-16 people at one time. Check out some amazing pictures.


Isn’t it beautiful?  Mind is blown after this. Our next stops were Paşabağa, Chimneys, and Pigeon Valley where one can see the panoramic of the city.


Pigeon valley is the name given because in the valley you can find a lot of pigeons who have made the valley their home. We did some small hiking on these small mountains, and then went for our lunch which was an excellent Turkish buffet.  After our hefty lunch, though we were tired, but still managed to attend a ceramics making class, which was lovely to watch as it made us connect with Turkish culture more.


So, after one tiring day, we headed back to Ankara. The best part about it was experiencing new culture, making new friends from all around the world and making the best out of my holidays. I will surely never forget it. Iyi Yolculuklar

**This article has been written by a travel contributor.



Sara Talal
Sara Talal
Sara is a marketing & adventure travel enthusiast and a pet lover (mother of 6 cats). A graduate from Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey, she's currently heading sales & marketing at Karachi Gliding Club. She writes passionately about her experiences as an avid explorer.

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