Become an Affiliate of KGC

As an affiliate partner of Karachi Gliding Club at your university, work or elsewhere, you will have the chance to be part of a company that is redefining the personal aviation industry. Sound exciting? We think so.

We have always believed in designing our work around our passion, so there are no Mondays in our life, and our work is our play & fun. Now you also have a chance to be a part of this philosophy, and leverage your connections to generate some good passive income for you while enjoying one of the best activities on planet – flying! And addicting others with it too.

Become an affiliate today and earn residual commissions on every new paying member you refer us. We’re transparent, and you’ll have a self-service portal where you can track the status of every flyer you recommend us and calculate your commissions on monthly basis.

Who Can Become an Affiliate?

  • A Student with Some Good Following in the Campus
  • A Corporate Employee with Good Relations in Company
  • An Influential Blogger
  • A Facebook Fan Page Owner with Raving Fans
  • An Entrepreneur with Some Loyal Customers
  • A Public Figure / Media Personality with Good Following
  • A Sports/Adventure Club or Event Organizer
  • A Youth Representative
  • Someone with Insider Links to Government/Security Agencies for Big Contracts
  • Virtually Anyone who Can Refer Some Good Business to Us

Commissions, Perks & Benefits

  • Min. 10% Commission on Every New Paying Member
  • Prizes to Top Performers may Include Gift Certificates, Cash Bonuses, an IPad, a Free Advance PG/PPG Course and Chance to Join one of our National/International Flying Expedition
  • Custom Commissions & Cuts on Huge Government/Military/Corporate Contracts for our Corporate Affiliates

How it Works?

  1. Fill Out the Application Form You see on The Right
  2. You’ll be Notified if Your Application has been Accepted within a Few Days
  3. If You’re Accepted, You’ll be Given a One Page Website where You can Drive your Visitors for Signup
  4. You can Also Request Paper Applications if You want to Refer Someone Who Doesn’t Use Internet
  5. You’ll be Given Access to an Affiliate Portal where You can Track Every Member you Refered and Calculate your Commissions
  6. You will Receive a Cheque with Your Due Commissions at The End of Every Month

The Possibilities

There is no single characteristic that makes up an ideal KGC Affiliate. We look for enthusiasm, drive, and, of course, plenty of creativity. We look for leaders—the people who are connected and make things happen on their own; leaders who are resourceful and inspire their peers, collaborate with individuals and organizations, and produce results.

This is more than just a sales affiliate program. It’s a chance to develop and grow as an individual while adding an incredible line to your resumé as well as contributing to a bigger cause of bringing a positive change in society, especially the youth. It’s a chance to LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE!