What is Karachi Gliding Club?

Karachi Gliding Club is a professional light sport aviation and adventure sports club that serves as a platform for all air sports & adventure enthusiasts in Pakistan. Our activities include paragliding, paramotoring, powered parachuting, microlight flying, rc flying, ultralight/sports flying & kit-building amateur & experimental aircraft e.t.c.

Although started with the aim of promoting air sports activities in Pakistan, Karachi Gliding Club has eventually become a premier hub for all adventure seekers in Karachi by large and all over Pakistan in general, who wish to experience a variety of air, land and sea adventures.

Primarily conducting its activities in Sindh & Balochistan region, Karachi Gliding Club has gained a considerable traction and has drawn a significant attention of media as well as general public towards adventure sports & tourism in Pakistan that is teaming with wonderful places waiting to be explored.

Why KGC Exists – The Vision?

Personal, recreational & sports aviation is a relatively underdeveloped sector in Pakistan despite the introduction of very encouraging steps in National Aviation Policy.

Countries that have promoted recreational/sports aviation and adventure sports in general have substantially benefited with a positive impact on their tourism, economy, personal aviation industry and have seen an overall improvement in their brand image globally. Some examples being UAE, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey e.t.c.

Pakistan in this sense has a great untapped potential in its adventure tourism and personal & recreational/sports aviation sectors.

The vision and goal of Karachi Gliding Club is to build a strong community for massive promotion of personal, recreational and sports aviation activities. And to bring Pakistan’s wonderful unexplored places to the limelight through conducting various adventure sports & activities in those places so that tourism can flourish there, a sense of security can be established, and local communities in those areas can benefit at large.

Facilities, Services & Solutions?

Karachi Gliding Club just happens to be a light sport aviation and adventure company promoting paragliding, paramotoring, powered gliding, general light sport aviation and a no. of air, land and sea adventures for aviation and adventure lovers.

Facilities available to KGC's members are an exquisite club house near Hub, Balochistan featuring swimming pools, dining/lodging area, indoor & outdoor games, mountain biking track, offroading & jeep safari track, and beautiful Arabian Sea beach just 10 km away.

Adventure sports & activities available to KGC's members include paragliding, paramotoring, powered parachuting, microlight flying, ultralight flying, road trips & excursions, camping excursions, 4x4 offroading adventures & expeditions, international overlanding excursions, mountain biking, speed boating, fishing, kayaking & more...

Besides, Karachi Gliding Club also helps a multitude of customers via variety of services it offers including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Team Building via Adventure Activities
  • Demo Flights for Product Launches, Ads, BTL Activites & Events
  • Advertising Opportunities via Brand Logos on our Wings, Aircraft & Flying Sites
  • Paragliding, Powered Gliding & Ultralight Training for Civilians, Defense Officers
  • Air Displays / Adventure Sports / Events / Competitions / Festivals & More...
  • Jeep Rallies, Offroading Expeditions & Adventure Sports Festivals / Competitions
  • Light Sport Aircraft & Equipment Acquisition & Management
  • Fractional Glider / Light Sport Aircraft Ownership Program

Who are The Members?

Karachi Gliding Club has become a platform of choice for all adventure & thrill seekers interested in traveling, air adventures, land adventures & water sports e.t.c.

Karachi Gliding Club enjoys a very responsive following of 30,000+ active social media fans as well as 3000+ active members & customers who have experienced one or more of the adventure activities that KGC has to offer.

Our members include renowned businessmen, military officials, media personalities, photographers, motorsports enthusiasts, sports pilots, political figures, university students and C class executives e.t.c.

Being the only air sports & adventures company in the Sindh & Balochistan region, Karachi Gliding Club serves as a valuable resource for providing adrenaline pumping experiences to its prestigious clients while also providing a unique opportunity to the brands to sponsor these most unique activities to capture their audience's share of mind in many positive ways.

Becoming our member has an array of advantages & benefits and gives you access to adventure activities & facilities offered by no other elite club in Karachi. Our membership packages are affordable & cater to a wide array of adventure loving audiences.

Our Club House, Facilities & Activities

Our club house is located near Hub, Balochistan at a serene location outside the hustle & bustle of the city and features sitting / dining / lodging area, prayer area, swimming pools for adults & kids, indoor games like badminton & table tennis, volleyball, wide grassy lawn, mountain & quad biking track, 25/50/100 kms long 4x4 offroad tracks and a beautiful beach just 10 kms away.

Following are some of the air, land and sea crafts that are currently possessed by Karachi Gliding Club. Some more stuff to be added here soon.

Karachi Gliding Club and its activities have been covered by Geo Tv, Aaj Tv, ARY News, CNBC News, Dawn News, Health Tv & no. of other renowned media outlets.

For all media & press inquiries, please email talal@karachiglidingclub.com Thanks!

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Muhammad Talal
Muhammad Talal

Founder, CEO


Liaquat Javed
Liaquat Javed

Cofounder, COO


Sara Tahir
Sara Tahir

VP Marketing & Sales


Mir Usman Ali
Mir Usman Ali

Manager Operations